merly & patrick – engagement – cabrillo marina

Henry Park

Freaking AWEsome!!! This is one good looking couple. They also must have pretty good taste as evidenced by their choice of photographer. Keep up the excellent work.


These are so beautiful!! They are soooo lucky to have gotten you as a photographer.


These are so beautiful! You truly have an amazing talent! Can’t wait to call you when I get married!

That’d be awesome, Natalie!


ummmmm? how freakin cute are these two? love it!


LOVE the composition… and as always, the colors… every one is just breathtaking, chris!


Thank you to Christine who captured our day perfectly! We LOVE the pictures :)
And Thank you to everyone, we’re happy you like them!


Oh my goodness gracious!!!!
I am so so so jealous of these pictures!
I have now decided that I too would like photos on a yacht.
You captured the day and the couple so beautifully. I felt like I was there.
amaZING job!


seriously. why are you so awesome? i’d like to book you for my 2nd wedding…

cathy-seriously, i wish i can carry you around in my pocket. my life would be different.

hannah-you wait until i get MY first wedding. no second serving until everyone gets their first. haha. ;D


Cindy Rantal

When did you take these? How could I have missed them. Oh, you have once again captured Ella. What a love, what a beauty, what a gift. You are still the finest.

i took these at Tres and Laura’s wedding. I forgot about them and then found them the other day. I’m sure she’s bigger now. :)


I’m just seeing these. Ella’s front hair all fits in her ponytail now.