hanging out at home

Today we spend the day at home relaxing.  Dave and Liz just moved to this new apartment and so they also had a crazy week.  Here are some pics of my adorable nephew, Ezra, on my mom’s bed.


taking a nap on the airport floor?

As soon as I got out of the arrival gate, my eyes searched for my little nephew’s face.  With annoyance and anticipation I searched for my sister for about half an hour and finally saw Ezra’s face.  He smiled and said, “Yi-mo!” (means aunt in Korean).  I love him so much!  This is his new behavior; lying on floors.


uganda – a place full of beautiful faces

I love Alisha.  She is so cute!

Guess which one is me.

Cello is hot!

Can you believe all those buses?  They still somehow manage to come in and out.

I love this picture.  The boy on the left makes me laugh.

Look at the beautiful Kampala sky.

This girl is absolutely stunning!